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5 octobre 2007 5 05 /10 /octobre /2007 11:34
Les ventes d'Atlas Shrugged ont doublé.  Le film adapté du roman d'Ayn Rand sort l'an prochain avec Angelina Jolie. Devant une gauche nihiliste, anticapitaliste parfois, qui ne se réclame que de valeurs négatives, d'une droite conservatrice peu fiable, l'objectivisme offre une vision globale du monde, positive et faisant appel à la raison.

"Why this sudden interest in Ayn Rand? Brook gives two reasons: "First, she never really went away. Many who read the books when they were young, in the 1950s, '60s and '70s, are now confident enough to say that Ayn Rand is their favorite author, and they have the means to donate to the institute. That's enabled us to promote objectivism more aggressively."

Second, Brook cites what he calls a cultural vacuum: "Today's left doesn't have anything positive to offer to young people. When they were socialists, there was at least something they were fighting for, and they believed in a right and a wrong. Today's leftist agenda is negative and nihilistic--focused on stopping industrialization, capitalism and even Western civilization. But young people want positive values. That's why religion is so strong today, because many view it as the only thing that promises a brighter future."

According to Brook, this gap between liberalism and religious conservatism goes far to explain the surge in interest. "Ayn Rand is the only voice that offers a secular absolutist morality with a positive vision and agenda, for individuals and for society as a whole," he says."
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